Is a Sales Career for me....

Why is sales for me?


Why Is Sales For Me – VocationPlus offer fantastic sales careers for graduates with high graduate salaries.


The world of sales is lucrative and comes with fast tracked career progression. It is a world that rewards you for what you put in and can take you to the top of the career ladder fast.


Since our launch in 2009, we’ve successfully placed thousands of candidates helping them find the perfect role and assisting with their career progression. With our Graduates we take them from their very first sales position through to roles including Sales Manager, Sales Director, Managing Director and for some, running their own businesses.



So why a career in sales?


“The starting salaries, bonuses and financial rewards are next to none”

Sales comes with some of the most competitive graduate salaries in the market. With commission on top, and bonuses for those at the top of their game.


“There are no barriers to entry”

Whatever your degree, whatever your university, whatever your level of experience: there are no barriers stopping you from entering the world of sales. If you have the personality, potential and drive to succeed, that’s all we need.


“You get out what you put in”

Sales is a simple science: the harder you work, the greater the rewards. Meritocracy is the foundation of sales: you are the one in control of your own destiny.


“Sales can take you around the world”

Every business, large or small, needs sales to survive. And not just within South Africa. Many of our larger multinational blue-chip organisations give their graduates exciting opportunities to travel internationally and gain exposure in some of the world’s most exciting business markets. From Paris to New York, from Dubai to Dallas: there are no limits to where sales could take you.


“The buzz and excitement you get from closing a deal or smashing your target is like nothing else.”  

Sales is like a contact sport. It’s fast, it’s competitive, it’s challenging and every day is different. You work as part of a team to deliver results, but you also take responsibility for your own success. And at the end of the day, nothing can quite compare to the adrenaline rush that comes from crossing the finish line, and winning that deal.


“The rapid progression and development takes you to the top”  

One of the key selling points for sales is the simple fact that you don’t stand still for long. Career progression opportunities are next to none in the graduate market, and in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment you can expect to move up and onwards in a very short space of time: with some of our previous graduates now at the top of the game as Sales Directors, CEOs, Managing Directors and more.


“The rewards go beyond the salary. There are incredible benefits and incentives at every stage.”  

Sales is tailored to those who are financially and reward-driven. Typical benefits and extras seen by many include the likes of company cards, laptops and phones, alongside company holidays and international travel, prizes and bonuses for reaching target and many more

Graduate Training and Development


The VocationPlus graduate training and development: working for the future of your graduate sales career.


Once you’ve come through our assessment process and landed your dream graduate job, we don’t stop there. Here at VocationPlus, we set out to equip you with the tools you need to not only succeed, but to excel in your new role.


With our graduate training, we create world-class sales people.


As part of the graduate process, you could benefit from up to 15 days of sales training, undertaken within the first 12-18 months of your role. Starting with 5 days training to equip you with the fundamentals. In addition we bring you tailored, market-leading training to cover all areas of professional selling. Our courses include:


Fundamentals of Selling

Professional Selling Skills

Ethical Negotiation Skills


And optional courses on top include:


Account Management

High Impact Selling

Live Telephone Selling

Sales Management and Leadership



So the VocationPlus Effect means you get the support and development you need to take you to the top. At every stage of your career.



Where could a graduate career through VocationPlus take you?


When it comes to your future in sales, the only boundaries standing in the way of success are your own. Individuals from all backgrounds, education levels and levels of experience enter graduate sales careers and with the right drive and attitude, can map out a career path to the very top of SA business. Many of SA’s leading organisations offer top graduate sales jobs with fast-track progression opportunities, designed to take leading calibre candidates to the top of their game, fast.


So what are the graduate development opportunities open to you in the world of sales, and where could they take you?


Entry level


Most of our graduates will begin their sales careers in a role as a Sales Executive, Business Development Executive or Account Manager, working as part of a team within their organisation. Whether based internally or out in the field from the word go, roles and responsibilities at this level will vary according to industry sector and organisation. Variety and challenges are typical of any sales role: no two days are the same.


Moving up


As a fast-paced and rapidly evolving industry, progression opportunities are frequent and rapid. Many of our graduates will find themselves moving up into team management or team leader positions, or perhaps progressing into field-based and client-facing roles as they accumulate more experience in their position. Taking it a step further, typical roles may include Sales Manager and then Regional Manager, National Sales Manager or even ultimately Sales Director.