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Our primary focus is to source senior executives, middle management and professional and technical experts, however we do have the capacity to identify and select suitable candidates to fulfil all job grades.


We offer both traditional recruiting, based on our client providing us with the job profiles as well as an in-house recruiting service, whereby we place a member of our staff within the company’s HR department to assist with recruitment across the board.


  • Our search process is targeted and specific and therefore ensures no wastage of time and resources.

  • We provide a proactive rather than a reactive methodology.

In addition to this we have our own large database that we constantly managed to ensure we keep in touch with our extended network.


This advantage ensures:

  • That those high profile candidates who may, in the normal course of events, not respond to advertisements or job alerts, are included in the “recruitment net”.

  • We are able to execute specific and targeted communication to potential candidates using electronic advertising, sms, and telephonic communication, over and above the normal recruitment websites, thus allowing us to yield a far higher calibre of potential candidates.

  • We ensure the confidentiality of the recruitment assignment and the remuneration element by not disclosing this information in the media.


We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Permanent Placements

  • Temporary Employment Services

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